Welding engineering is the discipline that applies the principles of engineering, physics, Metallurgic and materials science for the design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. It is the branch of engineering that involves in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Qualitest has highly qualified Welding Engineers who can deal any of the welding related issues, and assist the preparation of welding procedures etc.

Welders training and testing in Nisku Edmonton Alberta
Welders training and testing in Nisku | Edmonton | Alberta

Frontiers of research

Mechanical engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is physically possible in order to produce safer, cheaper, and more efficient machines and mechanical systems. Some technologies at the cutting edge of mechanical engineering are listed below.

Qualitest can prepare your welding procedures, technical documents for welding related issues, and assist your project by choosing the right welding processes. Please contact us to get more information about our services related to Welding Procedures.

Qualitest Engineers are always engaged in research

Composites or composite materials are a combination of materials which provide different physical characteristics than either material separately. Composite material research within mechanical engineering typically focuses on designing (and, subsequently, finding applications for) stronger or more rigid materials while attempting to reduce weight, susceptibility to corrosion, and other undesirable factors.