Structural Steel Inspection

Qualitest Canada provides Structural Steel Inspection through it’s highly qualified CWB Level 2 / Level 3 inspectors. Qualitest Canada’s inspectors have completed many structural steel inspection projects in the past including industrial, institutional and commercial sectors. We take care of your structural steel inspection at any stage you need our service. Our inspectors will visit to your project site and preform the steel structural inspection as per the project requirements.

  • Reviewing the blue prints and IFC drawings
  • Bolt Tension Verification
  • Column verification for verticality (plumbness)
  • Verification of Column to beam connections
  • Joists and bridges verification
  • Metal deck installation inspection
  • Rebar inspection
  • Field Erection Welding Inspection and Testing
  • Interpreting Applicable Codes and Standards
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Verification of Welders and Welding operators
  • Verification of Welding Procedures and WPDS
  • Fabrication Shop Welding Inspection and Testing

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