Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is a comprehensive multi-discipline approach to evaluate and investigate a failed component part or assembly structure design. This approach involves Qualitest’s Engineers evaluating both the Material and Mechanical aspect of the failure occurrence so as to identify the potential root cause. It is base on the accurate identification of the failure root cause that an appropriate corrective solution can be implemented.

Qualitest offers Failure Analysis and Material Engineering services to clients from various industries. Qualitest provides Failure Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Surface Analysis & Electron Microscopy, NDE/NDT, Environmental Test, Process Improvements, Chemical Analysis, and Counterfeit Parts Identification.

We support a wide range of industries, including Marine, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Infrastructures etc. With more than 100 years of combined experience in analytical engineering services, our labs will get you the right answer the first time.  Our Labs staffed with engineers, scientists, and technicians from a variety of disciplines, including Welding engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and Material Engineers.