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Qualitest Canada Ltd. provides Concrete Testing Services in Alberta and throughout the western Canada. The services for accurate measurement of concrete properties, selection and design of concrete materials, and quality control services for concrete construction as well as their compliance with the design specifications in Vancouver (Lower mainland, BC) and throughout the Alberta. We also perform other concrete tests which will include laboratory analysis of the components of concrete, to confirm that concrete contains what the manufacturer claims it contains and to learn more about properties, such as durability and permeability. Qualitest Canada’s Engineers will make sure that the concrete meets the specific standards, especially for high stress projects like bridges and high-rise buildings, which makes lab testing important to confirm that concrete is safe to use and that it will withstand years of stress.

Qualitest Canada involves in various types of material testing to make sure that materials meet quality control standards, comply with any laws and contain the components people claim they contain. Our Lead Engineers will review the mix design and construction quality control for consolidation grouting for tunnels, dam foundations, bridge abutments, and remedial geotechnical engineering for each project we involve. Qualitest Canada ensures that mix design optimization and consultation for concrete sampling procedures for RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) and soil-cement for pavements, sub-base, dams, and embankments.

Qualitest Canada is fully capable to perform field and laboratory testing on concrete, aggregates and cement according to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), ACI (American Concrete Institute), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM, now ASTM International), the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standards, and the local city requirements (City of Edmonton, City of Calgary etc). Qualitest Canada’s Engineers have well experience in testing, interpreting test results, preparing technical specifications, and mix design optimization for Portland cement concrete, mortar, shotcrete, self-compacting lightweight concrete, heavy weight concrete, high strength concrete, and zero slump concrete.

Many of the reputable companies are using third party Geotechnical Engineering firm to test their concrete so that the results are neutral, ensuring that there will be no doubts about the safety of the concrete in the future. Qualitest Canada is one of the leading Geotechnical Engineering firm in Alberta can handle all size / types of the concrete testing within the project cost and on time. Please contact us today for all type of concrete testing. Call us at 780-851-2020 (AB) and 778-381-7376 (BC) or email to us admin@qualitests.com