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API 5L X80 / CSA Z245.1 Grade 550 Plates for Sale!

We have tonnes of API 5L X80 / CSA Z245.1 Grade 550 plates in various thickness for welding procedure (WPS /PQR) development & other purposes. If you need API 5L X80 / CSA Z245.1 Grade 550 plates, we can ship it to you on the same day or sooner the possible. If you are in Edmonton Alberta, or near by area, then you can come and pick-up the plates at any time. All the plates come with proper marking and MTR’s. Also, our price is very reasonable too.

Please contact us for a Quote!


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ASME SA537 Class 2 Plates for sale!

We have tonnes of ASME SA537 Class 2 plates in various thickness for welding procedure development & other purposes. If you need ASME SA537 Class 2 plates, we can ship it to you on the same day or sooner. If you are in Edmonton Alberta, or near by area, then you can come and pick-up the plates at any time. All the plates come with proper marking and MTR’s. Also, our price is very reasonable too.

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ASTM G65 – Test Method for Measuring Abrasion Using the Dry Sand/Rubber Wheel Apparatus

ASTM G65 testing Edmonton, Alberta. Qualitest Canada Ltd has a latest high technology testing equipment which performs ASTM G65 Abrasion tests on the various samples. We have the special Ottawa silica sand for this test purpose and we can provide you the fastest turnaround with the MOST accurate results. Please contact us for more details.


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Performing Burst test as per the ASTM D1599

Qualitest can perform burst test as per the ASTM D1599 specification. Our Engineers are fully aware of Burst test of HDPE, Plastic Pipes, Tubing and Fittings. We are fully equipped and capable to make custom equipment / tool when required. We always maintain the top notch HSE standard while performing burst test.

Our testing facility in Nisku, Alberta is easy accessible from Highway 2 and from the Edmonton International Airport. So, any one from job sites in Western Canada can easily send their coupons to our facility for the burst test.

When you are planning to do multiple burst tests, then the cost will be less comparing to just one test. We recommend that, contact our Engineers before you prepare the sample for the burst test which will save your cost and time as you will get a great suggestions and technical clarifications from them.

Because we do everything in-house, our turnout time will be normally 2 to 5 business days. We can also work during the weekends or holidays when there will be requirement. There may be a small price changes for the weekend or holidays work.

Contact us for burst test, or any other tests for your HDPE, Plastic Pipes, Tubing and Fittings. Our email is admin@qualitests.com and the phone number is 780-851-2020.

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What is Charpy impact test, and how Qualitest Canada performs it with fully automatic equipment in Nisku / Edmonton, Alberta?

Charpy Impact test

The Charpy Impact Test is commonly used on metals, but is also applied to composites, ceramics and polymers. With the Charpy impact test one most commonly evaluates the relative toughness of a material, and as such, it is used as a quick and economical quality control device.

This Charpy impact test shows the relationship of ductile to brittle transition in absorbed energy at a series of temperatures. Since iron and all other body-centered cubic metals undergo a transition from ductile behavior at higher temperatures to brittle behavior at lower temperatures, this test is required today for a number of important steel products including steel plates, pipes, vessels, weld metals, machineries and heavy equipment etc.

Charpy impact testing involves striking a standard notched specimen with a controlled weight pendulum swung from a set height. The standard Charpy-V notch specimen is 55mm long, 10mm square and has a 2mm deep notch with a tip radius of 0.25mm machined on one face. In some circumstances, sub-size Charpy specimens can be tested with thickness less than 10mm.

Factors that affect the Charpy impact energy of a specimen will include:

• Yield strength and ductility
• Notches
• Temperature and strain rate
• Fracture mechanism

How Qualitest Canada performs the Charpy Impact Test?

Qualitest Canada can perform charpy impact test on various metals and temperature upto -80C. Qualitest Canada has latest and high tech equipment which is fully automatic with digital reading. Because of the top notch equipment, the test accuracy is very high and the human error is ‘ZERO’. The productivity is also very high comparing to any other manual equipment which does the similar test. So, Qualitest Canada can expedite the tests and send the results to clients as earliest as possible. Clients are most welcome to witness the test as we would like to them to see our other testing equipment as well.

If you need assistance for Charpy Impact test, please feel free to contact us at 780-851-2020 or email at admin@qualitests.com

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Metallurgical Testing Services in Alberta, SK and BC

Qualitest Canada can provide you wide range of metallurgical testing services with topnotch quality and timely manner. We deliver a comprehensive range of destructive and non-destructive examination (NDE) services to clients who want the top-notch service.

Qualitest Canada’s metallurgical testing facility includes a fully equipped metallurgical laboratory with a wide range of testing equipment. Bring us your testing needs, and we’ll get it done. We have certified, reliable testing staffs who can provide you timely results that you can trust. Some of our testing services are listed below.

Destructive Testing

  • Brinnell hardness testing (BHN)
  • Vickers hardness testing (HV)
  • Rockwell hardness testing (RC, HRB)
  • Tensile testing, including elevated temperature tensile tests
  • All weldmetal tensile tests
  • Compression testing
  • Guided Bend tests
  • Charpy v-notch impact tests
  • Low temperature testing up to -80C
  • Chemical analysis
  • Microstructure and macrostructure examination
  • chanical testing

Non-Destructive Testing (NDE and NDT Testing)

  • Visual inspection (also called VT inspection or visual testing)
  • Magnetic particle testing (MT, also called MPT, magnetic particle inspection, and magnafluxing)
  • Ultrasonic inspection (UT Testing) & thickness measurement
  • Corrosion mapping – zero degree scan
  • Liquid dye penetrant examination (PT testing)
  • In-situ metallography
  • Ferrite testing (feritscope)
  • Coating condition assessments and coatings failure analysis (NACE certified test procedures)

Call us today to discuss about your testing requirements. You can reach us by phone 780-851-2020 or by email admin@qualitests.com

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Concrete Testing Services in Alberta / BC / SK

Qualitest Canada Ltd. provides services for accurate measurement of concrete properties, selection and design of concrete materials, and quality control services for concrete construction as well as their compliance with the design specifications in Vancouver (Lower mainland, BC) and throughout the Alberta. We also perform other concrete tests which will include laboratory analysis of the components of concrete, to confirm that concrete contains what the manufacturer claims it contains and to learn more about properties, such as durability and permeability. Qualitest Canada’s Engineers will make sure that the concrete meets the specific standards, especially for high stress projects like bridges and high-rise buildings, which makes lab testing important to confirm that concrete is safe to use and that it will withstand years of stress.

Qualitest Canada involves in various types of material testing to make sure that materials meet quality control standards, comply with any laws and contain the components people claim they contain. Our Lead Engineers will review the mix design and construction quality control for consolidation grouting for tunnels, dam foundations, bridge abutments, and remedial geotechnical engineering for each project we involve. Qualitest Canada ensures that mix design optimization and consultation for concrete sampling procedures for RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) and soil-cement for pavements, sub-base, dams, and embankments.

Qualitest Canada is fully capable to perform field and laboratory testing on concrete, aggregates and cement according to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), ACI (American Concrete Institute), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM, now ASTM International), the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standards, and the local city requirements (City of Edmonton, City of Calgary etc). Qualitest Canada’s Engineers have well experience in testing, interpreting test results, preparing technical specifications, and mix design optimization for Portland cement concrete, mortar, shotcrete, self-compacting lightweight concrete, heavy weight concrete, high strength concrete, and zero slump concrete.

Many of the reputable companies are using third party Geotechnical Engineering firm to test their concrete so that the results are neutral, ensuring that there will be no doubts about the safety of the concrete in the future. Qualitest Canada is one of the leading Geotechnical Engineering firm in Alberta can handle all size / types of the concrete testing within the project cost and on time. Please contact us today for all type of concrete testing. Call us at 780-851-2020 (AB) and 778-381-7376 (BC) or email to us admin@qualitests.com