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Geotechnical Engineering Services in Alberta

Qualitest Canada is an association of independently owned and operated engineering consulting firms that was initially established in Edmonton, Alberta in May 2014. The Qualitest Canada Consulting Group has a presence in all over Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan including Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Red Deer, Calgary, Grande Prairie, Peace River, Fort McMurray, Medicine Hat, Lethbridg, Saskatoon, Regina and Estevan, which provide a range of services in the following fields:

Inspection and Testing:

  • Foundation construction observations / inspections
  • Soil compaction testing and inspections
  • Proof Roll Inspections
  • Earthworks construction control and monitoring
  • Footing Inspections
  • Pile installation monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Concrete Field Testing (Air content, Slump, Cylinders)
  • Concrete strength testing, concrete mix designs, and in-place strength investigations
  • Inspection of concrete placement and concrete curing
  • Post-tensioning and reinforcing steel inspection
  • Asphalt pavement construction inspection
  • Complete laboratory testing of soil, concrete, asphalt and other construction materials
  • Field inspection and quality control of masonry construction
  • Mortar, grout, block and brick testing
  • Steel fabrication inspection and erection and fastener inspection

Professional Geotechnical Engineering Services:

  • Soil drilling and rock coring
  • Soil investigation
  • Soil stabilization
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Test pits excavation and sampling
  • Shallow foundation design and analysis
  • Deep foundation design and analysis
  • Slope stability analysis and assessment
  • Retaining walls and earth structures design
  • In-Situ testing include SPT
  • Groundwater measurement and monitoring
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Routine and advanced construction QA/QC
  • PDA and Pile Load Testing
  • Soils and aggregate testing
  • Materials Engineering
  • Materials Testing (concrete, asphalt and soil)
  • Construction monitoring
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Environmental remediation
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Project management

Specialized Geotechnical investigations are provided by an experienced in-house team of Geotechnical engineers and engineering technologists. The professional staffs have extensive experience in Geotechnical investigations and other exploratory works. They are frequently involved in pavement condition evaluation, soil surveys, pavement evaluation and design and assessment of construction materials.

Qualitest Canada has moved out from the South Edmonton location to a bigger facility in Nisku AB in 2016 and providing the province wide coverage and consultancy from there. Call us today 780-851-2020 for any Geotechnical testing services you may require for your project.

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Qualitest Canada’s Welder Testing Facility in Nisku, Alberta

Qualitest Canada’s new welding engineering facilities include 15no’s of weld test booths for welder performance qualification testing and brazer testing. The new facility includes: a fully equipped welding area with 15 all-new, bright and well-lit individual welder testing stations with new welding stands and individual fume extractors.

Qualitest Canada Welder Testing facility has a separate space for machining equipment for preparation and full metallurgical lab for the testing of welding coupons. Qualitest Canada is accredited to carry out welder performance qualification testing (PQT) in accordance with ASME, CSA, and API Codes, and to facilitate CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) Welder Tests.

Qualitest Canada can accommodate your schedule and get the test done without any delay. We understand the project importance and we can also provide field-testing services for welder qualification testing. Just give us a call at 780-851-2020.

Qualitest Canada is a private Welder training and Testing facility in Nisku, Alberta. It is located just 7min from Edmonton International Airport and 5 min from all the major module yards in Nisku.

Qualitest Canada provides hands-on training and renews pipe welder certification. Industry demands require that our instructors maintain their own high standards of manual welding skills. We are proud to be a contributing member to the reputation of the Alberta pipe welder being the best in the world.

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Why Choose Qualitest Canada as your Geotechnical Consultant?

Qualitest Canada has particular expertise in the geotechnical investigation, analysis and design of: rock/soil slopes of quarries/mines, tips, landfills and dams; renewable energy schemes (wind farms and small hydroelectric schemes and energy from waste plants); earthwork design for landfills including design of geosynthetics systems; foundations and substructure engineering for low rise and multi-storey buildings; deep excavations; offshore geotechnics; instrumentation of meta-stable slopes; and statutory inspection and reporting of mines and quarries.

Qualitest Canada brings in experience with seismic design including selection of ground motion parameters, seismic stability analysis, liquefaction analysis, and design of mitigation solutions.  Qualitest Canada also has personnel with extensive experience in the use of explicit finite difference modelling for the analysis of settlement (total and differential), tensile stresses and strains and general soil structure interaction analysis.

Qualitest Canada’s skill team of geotechnical professionals includes engineers, technologists and technicians are highly experienced in delivering routine and complex geotechnical designs founded on the basis of cost-effective, practical and timely solutions.  Qualitest Canada has a long and proven track record of working with clients to optimize the geotechnical and civil earthworks design to ensure that a high-quality product can be constructed with reasonable costs.

Qualitest Canada has numerous case studies where advanced investigation techniques have resulted in significant cost savings of over 25 times the investigation cost.  Qualitest Canada is one of the leading provider of advanced geotechnical testing for PDA, full-scale pile load tests on all types of piles including compression, tension and lateral loading conditions in Western Canada.

Qualitest Canada offers routine materials testing and advanced construction quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) testing on both routine and highly complicated projects. Qualitest Canada’s highly experienced field staffs work closely with the engineering team to ensure that construction difficulties are identified early, dealt with quickly with minimal delay, and contractor extras are minimized or eliminated. Qualitest Canada also offers resident field engineering services.

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Edmonton based Geotechnical Engineering firm

Qualitest Canada was incorporated in Alberta, Canada in 2015, and is equipped with state of the art field and laboratory testing equipment including also a fleet of nuclear densometers, advanced field and laboratory soil and concrete testing, and geotechnical instrumentation capabilities.

We provide a wide range of services in the following fields: Geotechnical Engineering; Material Testing and Construction Quality Control including QA/QC inspections, field and laboratory soil testing, concrete testing, and materials engineering; and specialty Environmental Engineering services such as environmental site assessments, environment restoration, environmental remediation, contamination cleanup, and environmental protection.

Qualitest Canada ‘s geotechnical engineering services mainly focus on site investigation and soil characterization, rock and soil slope stability analysis, landslide remediation, deep and shallow foundations in soils and rocks, rock sockets, inspection of soil-fill and rock-fill embankments, geotechnical instrumentation, soil compaction testing and monitoring, analysis of soil-structure interaction, earth retaining structures, excavation and shoring in soils and rocks, numerical soil mechanics, ground improvement technologies for problematic soils, design and analysis of soil structures, unsaturated soil mechanics, frozen ground and permafrost engineering, failure investigation (forensic geotechnical engineering and expert witness), foundation repair, directional drilling, river crossings, pipelines, dams, bridges, and pavement design.

Qualitest Canada provides engineering consulting and testing services to a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors in Edmonton, and rest of the Alberta. We accept all sizes of projects and no job is too small or too big for Qualitest Canada. With our main office in Edmonton, Alberta, we provide services throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories.

We also provide routine and advanced testing for soil, rock, aggregate, structural concrete, cement, plastic concrete, zero slump concrete, light-weight concrete, grout concrete, mortar, shotcrete, soil-cement, roller-compacted concrete (RCC), and asphalt concrete. The standard tests are generally conducted in accordance with ASTM, CSA, ACI, AASHTO, or BSI (British Standard).

Our Nisku / Edmonton testing laboratory is one of the most advanced soil and concrete testing labs in Western Canada. Our other routine services include geotechnical pile inspection, pile monitoring, footing inspection, and bearing capacity inspection for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings throughout Alberta. We serve Red Deer and Fort McMurray through our main office in Nisku Alberta.

We embrace and produce new technologies, and we get the job done fast and right the first time. Qualitest Canada is all about providing excellent quality services, always on time and on budget.

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Innovation in Aerial Inspection (Drone/UAV)

Innovation in Aerial Inspection with Drone and UAV

Qualitest Canada is pleased to inform you that, we are in the process of adding Drone/UAV to our inspection equipment inventory soon. Drones and UAV are very good for visual inspection of tall or difficult to reach structures which normally requires cranes, helicopters or rope access work.

Using aerial drones you can now get high-resolution, high-quality photos and video of these structures in an economical manner. You can be sure of the results because you have a live video feed of what the drone is seeing and can direct our aerial operators to capture exactly what you need. The new technology permit us to capturing imagery from infra-red cameras or data from other sensors. Drones are able to get into areas that would otherwise be too dangerous for live inspection, e.g. close-up on live flame stacks or in proximity to chemical leaks. Likewise, because of their small scale and quiet operation our drones can operate close to working sites without disruption.

Finally, the innovation in Aerial Inspection with Drone and UAV is here. The small size and stability of aerial drones makes it possible to conduct internal aerial inspections of sites such as large factories and warehouses, or within other confined locations such as tunnels, mines, or under power lines. The Drone/UAV can be used for the following inspection tasks successfully.

  • Oil pipeline inspections
  • Gas pipeline inspections
  • Solar installation inspections
  • Detection of the spread of algae
  • Power line / cable inspections
  • Cooling tower inspections
  • Forestry Critical infrastructure inspections
  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Bridge inspections
  • Counting of animal populations
  • Train line inspections
  • Monument inspections
  • Radiation measurement
  • Radiation monitoring
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Failure Analysis in Energy Sectors and Utility Plants

Failure Analysis in Energy Sectors and Utility Plants

Qualitest Canada Engineers have the extensive knowledge in Energy sector to help clients in many different types of investigations. Examples of energy related failure investigations include:

  • Pipeline failures, Corrosion, Leak causation and timing on both gathering and transportations systems
  • Processing facilities and Plants
  • Utility Plants and Related Pipelines
  • Oilfield production and process equipment failures
  • Oil and gas production facility explosion due to overpressure
  • Electrical failures and commissioning problems
  • Rotating Equipment failures such as Generators, Motors, Turbines, and Compressors etc
  • Plant operation and maintenance issues
  • Sour gas well blowout due to wellhead failure
  • OTSG, HRSG and other type of Boilers failures

The fundamental cause of a failure may include:

  • Design Deficiencies
  • Improper Manufacturing
  • Material Imperfections
  • Errors in Installation or Repair
  • Inadequate Inspection or Quality Control
  • Inadequate Maintenance, And
  • Improper Operation (Service Conditions or Unforeseen Changes in Service)

Only when all the issues are assessed is it possible to conclude why a component or system failed and if the failure may have been preventable.